Bamboo Paper 2.0

We were asked by Wacom (2012) to carry out an in depth usability study of Bamboo Paper, a note taking app for the iPad. Our research revealed that many of its current users would like a tweaked user interface and a greater focus on note taking. Based on these results, we redesigned the app to improve the user experience. Improving the experience using Bamboo Stylus (a pen for tablets) as an input device was the main objective. The writing area was increased  by introducing gestures,  which removed the need for navigation bars. The introduction of the smart menu, which follows the tip of the stylus allows for intuitive and quick navigation. Adding functionality like copying, pasting, re-sizing and rotating increased the functionality greatly, making Bamboo Paper a great all round note taking app.

Watch the video on the on this page for a complete instruction of the new features.