Feadship 2013

In addition to designing yachts in the classic tradition, Feadship is increasingly asked to develop revolutionary new concepts. Owners are looking for new and meaningful experiences in which to invest their precious free moments. Feadship would like to challenge an integral design team to explore trends in the superyacht industry and related domains in order to develop fresh, but timeless, concepts for the future. The presented concepts should combine new yachting experiences, whilst maintaining Feadship’s high standards of comfort and luxury. Innovative ideas and new technologies, possible from other industries, are encouraged as long as they are likely to be materialized in the near future. Concepts may consist of one or more yacht designs or parts of it.

Ri•mo•re [rimɔrɛ] (the) The name Rimore comes from the Latin ‘rimor’ which means explorer, exploring or the explorer. Rimore brings a new attitude to yachting and wealth; one that moves away from the overly adorned vessels and common trends in opulent yacht design, towards a new state of mind that focuses on quality and simplicity. This privately owned research yacht embodies the combination of leisure and (deep) sea exploration; a carefree quest for new kind of luxury yachting experience, which is designed with it’s environment in mind. When the owner is not at his yacht, the Rimore still carries out its function. Rimore is the first superyacht concept that translates a break-through mind shift into form, function and design. For a complete tour around the entire super yacht take a look at the video or this presentation book.