The Bachelor Final Project is the final project of the Bachelor of Industrial Design. In this ten-week project students should undertake a complete design assignment for an existing company. The company in this project is Dita, a well-known field hockey brand that sells everything from hockey sticks to protection gloves.

The main interest of this project was “safety”. The focus within this direction is injuries under hockey players; Many injuries happen every year and Correct treatment is crucial to the injury time In general it is clear that as soon as an injury occurs, it is important to cool it down. This will stop the swelling and shorten the injury time. Invaluable information came from the interview with a sport therapist which revealed some outcome of his recent research. Besides cooling, increasing pressure on the wound could improve the healing process. With this relatively new information it was possible to create a new and improved product for the market. Pressice The idea is based on the blood pressure device. Instead of pre-shaped pressure products, this concept is versatile and is able to be tightly attached to most  body parts. The designed compartment for adding gel packs is covered by a detachable fabric which avoids the skin freezing. In order to restrict the flow of blood reaching the remaining of your body, a pressure indicator is added on the outside.  A nice addition to this product idea  is the pump up ball which could be changed to any sport related design.